Series : Industrial Audio Visual Warning Equipment
名稱(chēng) : MTC-8EX充電便攜式LED聲光警示燈
name : MTC-8EX Portable LED Rechargeable Warning Light
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Product Introduction:
The MTC-8EX portable LED rechargeable warning light is designed for setting up audio and visual alarm for fields need public warning or other emergency situation.Equipped with latest high brightness LED,the effective visual range is able to reach 1000 meters (The white color version is able to achieve 30 meters visual range as general lighting).The high capacity lithium cell battery enables MTC-8EX to keep working for more than 30 hours.The integrating alarm horn perform high sound pressure and nice warning effect.The magnet bottom is equipped with strong anti-oxidation NdFeB,with which MTC-8EX can be fixed well onto any magnetic surface.With IP65 protection grade,anti-water,dust,corrosion,impact and high-low temperature resistance,it can work under serious outdoor environments to adopt wide industrial and civil application.
1. Effective visual range:1000 meters (foggy day 300~500 meters)
2. Flash frequency: 60 times per minute
3. Control:two individual push buttons for light and sound
3. Charging voltage: AC110V~240V battery charger
4. Charging duration:2~3 hours
5. Working time:able to work continuously for more than 30 hours in average
6. Battery life: 2 years,Charging cycles≥500 times
7. Sound power level:≥95dB
8. Magnet material:NdFeB
9. Protection grade: IP65
10. Measurement: Φ112mm,Height 180mm  Net weight: 685g
1.During charging,the indicator on charger is lighted as red,and will turn to green once the battery is fully charged .Please charge the battery in time,especially when the light brightness appears dim.The out of use time shall not exceed 2 months.
2.Please follow the principles during usage,that charging the battery as full as possible one time and avoid to consume the energy all out one time.If the light runs out of power,pls charge it in 72 hours to avoid battery life drop or even battery total ruined
3.Do not place the light near open fire source.Use carefully if the surrounding exist inflammable gas, strong acid or alkali gas.
Packing list:
MTC-8EX rechargeable flashlight×1, AC220V battery charger×1,Product manual.
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