Series : Industrial Audio Visual Warning Equipment
名稱(chēng) : MSL-100工業(yè)聲光報警燈
name : MSL-100 Alarm Sounder With LED Beacon
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MSL-100 Alarm Sounder With LED Beacon
Production Introduction:
MSL-100 alarm sounder with LED beacon is designed for setting up audio and visual alarm signal for fields need public warning or other emergency situation.
Equipped with latest high brightness LED,the effective visual range is able to reach 1000 meters.Every LED bulb can activate max. 3 different colors.The beacon lighting type can be adjusted by internal switch between flash(60/min),strobe(triple),rotatry and steady lighting.
Adopted with latest piezoelectric ceramic technology,the built-in loudspeaker is able to achieve high sound pressure(Max. 110dB at 1 meter).The sound volume can be adjusted by internal switch with 4 levels.The combination of LED beacon and alarm sound can transmit different information under different situations.
The strong material and compact structure design make sure MSL-100 able to work under serious operation environment.The whole light is designed with anti-water structure to achieve IP67 protection grade.The lampshade is made of high strength PC material,and designed with unique double layers structure,which make it excellent impact resistance performance.It have outstanding advantages in anti-dust,corrosion,high-low temperature resistance and electrical insulating properties.
All of them make MSL-100 a wide application for setting audio and visual signal transmission in different industrial filed such as machine tools and equipment,building and construction,repair and inspection.
Product patent no.: ZL201230213633.2,ZL201220261365.6
1. Operation voltage:AC220V,AC110V,DC12V,DC24V
2. Effective visual range:1000 meters (foggy day 300~500 meters)
3. Led color type:single color or multi colors (red,yellow,green,blue,white)
4. Light types:Flash(60/min),Strobe(triple),Rotatry and Steady lighting
5. Sound power level:Max.110dB @1m,Volume 4 levels adjustment
6. Sound kinds:Fire Alarm,Emergency, Ambulance,
Pi-Pi-Pi short interval,Pi-continuous (customer made available)
7. Protection Grade: IP67
8. Operation Temperature:-50~+60
9. Control:external contact control
10.Installation:buttom screw 3×Φ6mm
11.Measurement: Φ115mm,Height 222mm  Net weight: 710g
Internal Switch:
Inside lampshade there are two switches for justifying light type and speaker volume.
Below the switch justification diagram.
Signal Cable Instruction:
The signal cables and common cable are all thin ones.When one colored signal cable contacts the black common cable,the concerning alarm sound will be operated.

Cable Color
Alarm Sound
Fire Alarm (Wail)
Emergency (Yelp)
Ambulance (Hi-Lo)
Machinery Fault
(Pi-Pi-Pi Short Interval)
High Expansion Foam Release (Pi-Continuous)
Common Cable

1.During installation,pls take care to differ the thin signal cables/common cable and thick input power cables.
2.Before connect the signal cable with the common cable,pls make sure the power off.
3.Pls don’t apply voltage on signal cables or common cable,otherwise it may destroy the light.
Packing list:
MSL-100 alarm sounder with LED beacon×1,Product manual×1.
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