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Many dedicated and serious makeup junkies feel ecstatic when they see a brand-new lipstick or a foundation or an eyeshadow but what makes them broke at times? The money they are investing in top brands of makeup products gives results yet how do they save pennies? How can they invest all their salary on beauty products? Yes, I understand every penny is worthwhile.

What are the essential products to splurge on, and when to splurge?

You should not compromise on the essential skincare items that directly get absorbed into the skin like moisturizers, vitamin C serum, toners, retinol creams, primer, foundation, concealer, and powder, etc.


The next thing that you would want to splurge on is your eyes. Eyes are very delicate to handle. Without proper care, the eyes make look puffy, and eyebags, wrinkles may occur. So, you should need to take proper care and apply products like retinol creams, eye primer, eyeliner, eyeshadow and make sure it meets certain standards before you buy. The next essential eye makeup item is Mascara. Buy a waterproof mascara and apply eye primer before you coat mascara to prevent smudging. It is best to take suggestions/recommendations from the dermatologists before you buy and apply any cheap/unworthy products to your eyes and face.

Here are the 5 ways to spend and save your money on beauty products.

  1. Use the current cosmetic products you have. Do not waste current products while thinking to buy a new brand product. It is always happening opposite of what you think: the more u applies, the better results you will get. Anything too much will always cost you so much especially for skin. If you use too many products on your skin, it clogs your pores and prevents it from being absorbed into the skin which leads to acne and pimples. Always follow the skincare routine regularly which aids in reducing inflammation and gets clear glowing skin. Do not waste your hard-earned cash on buying new products without using current one.
  2. Buy multipurpose products. Search for a product that you can use for multiple purposes. It saves your money, time, and effort and the space in your makeup shelf or a handbag. For example, look for a product that you can use as primer, glow enhancer, and highlighter or multi stick where you can use as a lip color, an eye shadow, and blush for rosy tone.
  3. Spend money on skip-care. Instead of piling on multiple skincare products, it removes back your routine so that you are using only active ingredients and potent formulations. Invest in skincare products which has multiple purposes, for instance, buy a toner or serum which has vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, natural ingredients, and essential oils to use as toner, serum, and moisturizer.
  4. Depend on DIY’s. Chemical-based formulations will be made of parabens, sulfate and preservatives while natural ingredients are free from harsh chemicals. Exfoliating your face with homemade scrub or applying face pack or doing fruit facial at home would help you save $$$. It is always good to apply natural ingredients like fresh aloe vera, tomato on your face that give you fast and effective results in one go. Dab solution (Apple cider vinegar mixed with some water) on your face to fade scars, blemishes, and discoloration.
  5. Visit the Drugstore. Many people think that the higher the price, the better the product. Sometimes it is true because the formulations may contain strong antioxidants and natural ingredients that may work well for the customers. Most of the dermatologists recommend drugstore products that may give amazing results.

These are the methods to save money on your beauty routine. Hopefully, these suggestions may help you in saving time, and effort too.


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