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Every year, millions of animals are harmed and killed by the cosmetics manufacturing companies to test their makeup and skincare products or ingredients on animals before releasing their product into the market.

Applying toxic topical chemicals on the animals is the cruel and worst ever sin did by human beings. Some cosmetic brands would force animals to eat chemicals, rub on the surface of their skin, and inject harsh chemicals without mercy. To free animals from cosmetic testing, there are certain anticruelty organizations to certify anti-cruelty makeup and skincare products.

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However, these cosmetic companies need to rely on raw materials suppliers or contract companies to perform any animal testing to validate a product or ingredient used is safe to use.

How do I know whether a cosmetic product is cruelty-free?

There are ways to find a cruelty free cosmetic product.

● Read the labels of the product or variety of phrases defining the product not tested on the animals.
● See or look for a logo certified by the anticruelty organization, featured on the product label
● Refer to the Company’s animal testing policies by checking their website.

What are the organization certifying anticruelty cosmetic brands or products?

There are many recognized certification organizations for cruelty-free brands but three of them are the highly-reputed organizations for certifying anticruelty. Each of them requires specific independent audits and statements to verify and validate the products are cruelty-free.

Leaping Bunny is the only internationally recognized certification for cruelty-free personal care, makeup, and household products which signifies animal testing at any stage of product development. Click here for the leaping Bunny cruelty free products.

Beauty Without Bunnies is PETA’s cruelty-free certification organization where companies are asked to sign PETA’s statement or provide a statement proving that they will not conduct animal testing on formulated products or ingredients and pledge not to commission animal testing in the future. Click here Beauty without Bunnies cruelty free products.
Choose Cruelty-free is an independent non-profit organization against animal testing and companies seeking certification must sign a legal contract like none of the company’s products or ingredients or raw materials provided by the third party suppliers should not commit animal testing thereafter and also has strict guidelines on animal-derived ingredients.Click here Choose Cruelty-free products.

What are the alternative methods to do animal testing to free animals from killing or harming??

There are non-animal research methods available for doing animal testing.

● In Vitro Testing uses cell structure to carry cell-based tests and tissue models which helps to assess the safety of drugs, chemicals, cosmetics.
● Computer (In silico) Modelling uses computer models to simulate human biology and replace animal tests to estimate the substantial likelihood of safety.
● Microdosing is a method which gives vital information on the safety of an experimental formulation based on research with human volunteers
● Human-Patient Simulators are the computerized high tech simulators that give the biological response to medical injections and interventions.


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