My Secret to Preventing Smudging Mascara


Methods To Hold Mascara From Smudging/Sliding

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Most of the women wish to have thick and long eyelashes to showcase their attractive eyes. So, they always search for a voluminous mascara that enhances their eyelashes and looks dark and good.

While buying a Mascara, You should look for a wand which is fairly long and has alternating rows of short and long bristles, while a short one coats your lashes and long one catches and comb through every lash.


How do you Prevent your eyelashes from smudging after coating mascara ?
How do you overcome those raccoon eyes?
What type of mascara helps in lifting your lashes without clumping?

There is a solution for each problem.

There are techniques to stop mascara from sliding or smearing and I have mentioned the procedures to apply mascara without causing smudging.

1. Hindering excess oil around your eyes: The following steps you need to follow before you apply eye-makeup to prevent smudging or smearing.

● Cleanse your face with a mild face wash or baby shampoo to avoid irritation around your eyes, Make sure you face is clean and fresh while applying makeup
● Don’t apply moisturizer or eye creams on your eyelids. It could make the problem even worse if mascara smudges with your oily eyelids. You should also skip cream based eyeshadows because it turns into oily due to sweating.

● Blot gently around your eyes with a powder-laced rice paper to remove excess oil before you start applying eye makeup
● Pat a little bit of eye primer gently around the eyes which helps in locking out oil and prevents mascara from smearing.
● Apply a thin layer of mascara carefully onto your eyelashes and try holding your eyes for a minute or two to avoid smudging.
● Use smooth brush to bake under your eyes with setting powder after u apply makeup.

2. Using Waterproof Mascara: This method of preventing smudging of mascara will protect your eyelashes from dryness. Here is the procedure to apply waterproof mascara.

● First of all, coat eyelashes with a conditioning lash primer to protect your eyelashes from drying effects
● Place the wand against the base of your lashes and swipe along the length of your lashes with your waterproof mascara.
● You can also remove your mascara by using makeup removers such as micellar water, oil-based cleansers or simply coconut oil to prevent constant tugging of the delicate skin present around your eyes.

Hopefully, these techniques will help you prevent raccoon eyes and hold mascara from smudging.


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