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Makeup professionals often asked to distinguish about airbrush makeup and traditional makeup by the customers at the beauty parlors. It is also important to know how to apply makeup in the right order for a flawless look.

You should know what are the best products to apply on your face without damaging the skin. Before you move onto airbrush or regular makeup, carefully read the pros and cons of airbrush makeup and traditional makeup mentioned below.

On your wedding day, everyone will be focussing on your beautiful attire and lovely face as you’re walking down the aisle. Your wedding pictures will last forever and memorable. The airbrush makeup technique sprays a fine mist of consistent and even application, covers imperfections, and seamless coverage, allowing the makeup to stay for a longer duration.

Airbrush Makeup

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Without using multiple makeup tools like sponges, brushes or fingers, the method of application of makeup on the face can be done by a trigger-controlled spray painting gun. This method of spraying makeup onto the skin is known as airbrush makeup. The airbrush pressure can be adjusted while applying makeup on the face based on your preference like light or heavy makeup. It is waterproof makeup and doesn’t slide or tends to come off. It lasts for 6-8 hours maximum and expensive too.

Traditional/Regular Makeup

The traditional makeup technique involves applying makeup by using various makeup tools such as sponges, brushes, and also fingertips. It is a heavy and easy application and lasts for more than 10 hours, not as expensive as airbrush makeup. The drawbacks of this method is unable to conceal the scars and pimples properly, its not water-resistant and requires touch up and tends to come off. The tools used in the method can build dirt or bacteria on the face.

Is traditional makeup lasts longer than airbrush makeup?

The short answer is yes. Because of its thicker consistency, the foundation used is more opaque and has a rich coverage and when used in conjunction with the primer, setting spray, concealer, powder, the traditional makeup lasts longer than the airbrush makeup. Although airbrush makeup is resilient and does not require touch up, airbrush makeup lasts for only 6-8 hours whereas traditional makeup lasts for more than 10 hours and stays effectively throughout the day on the face.

Which type of makeup covers skin imperfections effectively? Airbrush or Traditional?

The traditional makeup covers all the skin imperfections and pimples because the foundation provides fuller coverage and hides all the blemishes thoroughly. Airbrush makeup is light provides a thinner foundation than traditional makeup.

Why most women prefer airbrush makeup over traditional makeup on their wedding day??

A bride should look good on camera as well as in-person too. The makeup technique used on her wedding day should perfectly balance her angelic appearance on both the camera and in-person. Airbrush foundation is thin and light, so it makes the face look flawless for normal to oily skin types. It is also water-resistant and has great lasting power.

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If the bride has dry skin, the face may look patchy and flaky because of the waterproof foundation, and it’s not creamy as traditional makeup. I would suggest traditional makeup for people with dry skin. The people with normal to oily, hydrated skin can prefer any of these makeup techniques, and it’s their choice.

Which Makeup technique is expensive, airbrush, or traditional?

Airbrush makeup is expensive because it does not use any makeup tools or fingers to apply makeup and sprays makeup with an airbrush makeup gun.

First, I thought traditional makeup is expensive because it uses many tools and also fingers to apply makeup. Actually, it is quite the opposite of what I thought. The second reason my beautician always charges an amount of three thousand rupees( nearly 45 dollars) for traditional makeup.

I would recommend airbrush makeup over traditional makeup because it gives you a flawless radiant complexion on your wedding day. I leave it for the people to take their call.

What type of foundation and makeup technique suits for each skin type?

As I mentioned earlier, airbrush makeup suits for normal to all combination skin types, but not for dry skin. People with dry skin can go for traditional makeup technique, as it has a creamy foundation. Depending on the skin type, you can choose your foundation finish.

● Oily skin type – a matte finish foundation – airbrush makeup technique
● Dry skin type – a rich moisturizing finish foundation – traditional makeup technique.

Airbrush Makeup


● Seamless coverage
● Flawless natural finish
● non-comedogenic( it won’t clog your pores)
● Lightweight
● Does not transfer or slide
● Offers a bond that will stay strong for 6-8 hours.


● Hypoallergenic does not work well with sunburn, excess hair and dry skin
● The fine mist will pick up any fine hairs or dry skin patches
● Touchups will breakdown the coverage if it a silicone-based airbrush formula.

Traditional Makeup


● Lasts more than 10 hours
● Easy application
● Not expensive as airbrush makeup


● Difficult to conceal blemishes and pimples
● Heavy and thick consistency foundation
● Requires touch up frequently because of no waterproof foundation.
● Bacteria builds up because of various tools

I think this guide would help you understand better about airbrush and traditional makeup and now it’s your choice to consider which type of makeup you would prefer for your wedding day.


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